Leap High Yahoo


Leap High Yahoo


In the near future, America is crumbling, bankrupt, and teetering on the edge of chaos. Following the Great Bailout, the multinational Lee-Pi corporation is the only institution that can hold the country together, providing basic services, security, and order. Leonard Cheung is Lee-Pi’s most reliable field operative: a negotiator, assassin, and clean-up expert who does the behind-the-scenes dirty work to keep the corporation running.

When the city of Philadelphia is evacuated after a suspected terrorist attack, the corporation drops Cheung into the insanity to retrieve a priceless possession: a champion racehorse belonging to Mr. Lee himself. Cheung is the perfect man for the job, having grown up on the outskirts of the city. In this surreal homecoming, Cheung must track the majestic animal through the deserted streets of a dead city. But Cheung soon discovers that he is not alone. Freedom fighters, long opposed to Lee-Pi’s authority, are hunting the horse for their own reasons. And the collision between the resistance movement and the obedient company man will force Cheung to question everything he believes, who he has become, and what is worth fighting for.


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